Bathrooms & vanities
A well renovated bathroom is a perfect way to make a bold statement in your home. Although bathrooms are generally smaller in space, it is important to carefully consider the layout to maximise the rooms potential. In terms of cabinets, having a vanity is a must in your bathroom to add storage, hide plumbing connections and have enough bench space for all the essentials you need to fulfil your daily routine.
Below are some key points to consider before designing your bathroom cabinetry.

Design tips:

  • Drawers are not only handy in the kitchen, but also in your bathroom. Aim to include between 2-6 drawers depending on the size of your vanity. This will provide ample storage and efficient access to frequently used accessories, towels and more.
  • Shaving cabinets have become a common inclusion in recent times, especially in the ensuite. The purpose of a shaving cabinet is in its name, to store shaving accessories as well as other smaller toiletries such as perfumes and toothbrushes. Mirrors are generally glued onto the face of the shaving cabinet doors to finish off the space.
  • Everyone loves the timeless elegance and luxurious style of stone, so when it comes to benchtops, there’s simply no comparison. They can be a feature piece in your bathroom while still being durable, easy to clean and surprisingly affordable (due to the space being smaller.)
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