TV & wall units
The living room is our go to place for pure relaxation and entertainment, so it’s only right that we extend our design aesthetics to the entertainment units that house our televisions. Entertainment units are so much more than just a home for the TV – they can be space defining, stylish and offer extra storage if designed wisely.
Below are some key points to consider before designing your TV or wall unit.

Design tips:

  • Ensure that during the design phase you are clear on how much storage space you actually need. This will determine the purpose of the design and whether it leans more towards practicality or simply, visual aesthetics.
  • Make a bold statement with contrasting materials to bring excitement to the design. This may be through the inclusion of stone benchtops or timber panelling behind the TV.
  • Floating shelves above or adjacent your TV unit are a simple, yet classy addition to the design. You may use them to display family photos, accolades, books or some colourful plants to brighten up the space.
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