Custom wardrobes

Custom wardrobes are an essential part of every bedroom fit out as they allow you to maintain a clutter-free and tidy space. Whether you have a built-in, freestanding or walk-in wardrobe, it’s likely that you’ll fill up the space in no time. It’s important to invest in a custom wardrobe that meets your specific storage needs, while also optimising your bedroom layout.
Below are some key points to consider before designing your custom wardrobe.

Design tips:

  • Incorporate as much hanging space as possible. Ideally you should aim to have between 1000-1200mm of internal hanging space (vertically). Consider adding a long hanging section (2000mm+) to accommodate for gowns and dresses.
  • Drawers are always a great addition to any space as they are more practical than shelves. However, there is still a place in your wardrobe design to incorporate adjustable shelving and there should be a good balance between the two options.
  • You can feature a touch of luxury in your custom wardrobe by utilising premium pull-out/down storage solutions for shoes, pants, ties and suits. Velvet drawer inserts are another stylish inclusion for more precious items such as jewellery and watches.
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