Choosing the right bathroom cabinet is a make-or-break process for your bathroom renovation. When doing a bathroom makeover, your vanity design must strike the perfect balance between storage that meets all your needs, and a strikingly beautiful feature that transforms your space into a magnificent interior design territory.

One of the most important things to remember when renovating your bathroom is to consider all the items that will require storage in the bathroom and how reachable you would like them to be. In this article, we discuss the various types of bathroom cabinets available for you to choose from in Australia.

Wall-mounted cabinets

Wall-mounted units are all the rage these days, and some of the cabinets even incorporate stunning design innovation. Wall-mounted cabinets are normally quite attractive. Since they are fixed straight onto the wall, they tend to leave a significant gap between the floor and the bottom of the unit, something that gives the illusion of more space. As to the materials used to make wall-mounted cabinets, these vary greatly and can incorporate stone, metal, wood or glass. A careful mix of different materials can bring lots of flavour to your bathroom. While wall-mounted cabinets are versatile, they require walls that are properly reinforced and can be quite complicated when it comes to installing them. This means they are a more expensive option, which might be a bit off-putting especially if you are working on a budget.

Wood Bathroom Cabinets

Wood is, by all means, one of the most versatile materials when it comes to bathroom cabinets. Most units used in bathrooms usually include brown colour in a variety of shades, which is one of the reasons many people prefer wood. Aesthetic purposes aside, wood cabinets also give texture to the overall look and feel of bathroom renovations Melbourne, as well as a feeling of serenity in your bathroom. Employing the use of wood furniture is a sure way of making your bathroom classy while not rendering it too classy. Also, it makes buying other decorations and furniture that would blend in with your wooden bathroom cabinets easy.

Glass Bathroom Cabinets

Glass bathroom cabinets are guaranteed to give your bathroom a sophisticated and trendy look. The majority of young homeowners today prefer installing a glass bathroom cabinet because it can blend easily with any surface as well as any wall design. Glass bathroom cabinet doors are available in all sorts of varieties like frosted, tinted or even transparent. In the bathrooms found in most modern houses today, they tend to be themed with a glass of different tints and textures. However, glass is fragile and often requires constant wiping and polishing to enable your cabinets to maintain their shiny and polished appearance.


Another popular material used for manufacturing bathroom cabinets is plywood and it contains multiple wood veneers glued together to create layered sheets. Plywood offers a great deal of strength but tends to vary in thickness and quality. Although it is considerably cheaper compared to solid timber, it doesn’t come without some drawbacks.

The edges and ends of plywood are susceptible to water damage. Also, plywood can never matches the feeling of solid wood. Although it doesn’t expand and contract based on the changes in humidity, it looks way cheaper compared to solid wood. You can cover the plywood with veneer, but the layers can still crack and even peel over time. If you want your bathroom to have a more luxurious finish, you would be advised to stay away from plywood.


PVC is a special kind of plastic that has a wide range of applications. One of its uses is in the manufacture of bathroom cabinets. The reason PVC is appealing in making bathroom cabinets is that it has lots of advantages over many other materials.

Also, PVC is remarkably cost-effective but still highly attractive. It has a smooth surface that you can paint in any colour. Apart from that, PVC cabinets offer exceptional water resistance. Top-quality PVC bathroom cabinets are entirely waterproof and have an extremely long lifespan.


Another commonly used type of bathroom cabinets is the MDF or Medium Density Fibreboard. These consist of small pieces of wood and composite fibres joined together using wax or resin. To have a finished look, an MDF may be painted or covered with veneer.

Despite being very cost-effective, MDF looks great. But if you want something that’s of high quality and lasts long, the MDF simply isn’t. MDF only gives you 30% of solid wood quality and can last only for a few years. If you are keen on quality and durability, you shouldn’t touch MDF with a 10-inch pole.

Metal Bathroom Cabinets

Metal has emerged as an important material in the manufacture of modern furniture. However, it is important to know the right material to use. Stainless steel is by far the best option. For starters, stainless steel does not rust. Bathrooms are always damp and wet therefore you need to go for metal that is resistant to rust. You will not find these in each manufacturing shop, but you can have them customised for you by different contractors. Both glass and metal bathroom cabinets are perfect for houses built in the modern theme.


When doing your bathroom renovation, you have more options than simply use cabinets. There are lots of bathroom vanities that can match the bathroom cabinets that you have chosen.

There is a whole host of different vanity furniture for people with disabilities, fixtures, taps, sinks and many more. To get an idea about the different bathroom models, just visit your local plumbing store.

When choosing the bathroom cabinet for your bathroom, it is important to assess the quality of materials used to make them and the price of the cabinets you want to buy. Because of their very nature, bathrooms need sturdy furniture to avoid any accidents that tend to happen inside the bathroom.

While plywood, solid wood and MDF have proved to be popular options when it comes to bathroom cabinets, PVC remains the best choice. It is highly durable, waterproof and offers a fantastic look and feel. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.